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Connecting the dots

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We know people. We connect people

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smith group, jjr
Jones and Jones
Sundt Construction
Opus Northwest
Swinerton Builders
H.S. Wright Construction
Balfour Beatty
Preston Gates & Ellis LLP
Marsh Inc.
Xerox Corporation
Cody Anderson Wasney Architects
Jones and Jones


Presentation Training

At Bluedot we like to win. It is just that simple. The approach we take to training differs from a lot of firms that work in the field now.

As well as helping craft and deliver content, we focus on the character of the people presenting.

  • How well do you deliver yourself in the room?
  • How do we put the strengths of our team forward?

We take a personal interest in the people presenting and how they act and react.

It starts with research on who you are pitching and why are they interested in your services. Complete dossiers on the client and their interests allow us to tailor our approach to each presentation. It works and our track record proves it.

We work with small groups and individuals; the principals of our firm do the work. Nothing is outsourced or diluted. And we don’t pull punches, our job is to help you win the contract and that goal is paramount. In this tight economy, putting resources into presentation skills must have a return on investment. We like to win.

PR & Marketing

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It is with confidence that we introduce Bluedot Communications and their presentation training services. They have been involved in numerous training sessions with us over the past three years and their track record in that regard is outstanding.

Bluedot has proved their worth on every occasion and boasts a remarkable 85% success rate in the jobs that we have used them for. Concentrating on character as well as content has allowed them to carve their own niche in the presentation industry, raising our own skills in the process. Intricate large public projects seem to be their sweet spot. Complete background research on the review panels and delivery of that to the presenting process has allowed us to concentrate on our ability to deliver with confidence.

I am sure that they can help your firm in the delivery and completion of your next large project. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions about our work together.

Jennifer Devlin
Senior Principle,
EHDD Architecture
(415) 285-9193

It was great to meet you and to have the opportunity to benefit from your abundant experience and insight regarding our team’s presentation to the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

As you know, our team was successful in our effort to secure this very important project, and while collectively have a lot of talent as presenters, we certainly benefited a great deal from your coaching. We owe you a lot of credit for our successful outcome. I’ve been making design presentations now for over 30 years. Over that time, worked with a lot of very good presenters, and have also attended several workshops tailored to the design industry for the purposes of improving presentations to clients and colleagues. I can say that I learned a great deal in the short time we spent together, and probably more than from all the other workshops combined.

Your knowledge, insight, objectivity, and candor combined with wit and humor made for an exciting and effective process and outcome. Your passion for your work is evident and infectious, and for all these reasons, I whole-heartedly recommend you and the services of Bluedot to others. I look forward to more opportunities to work with you, and I’m happy that we were able to not only win this commission, but contribute to your already strong record for success!

Steve Lenox
(617) 248 0170

We needed a guy who understood the big picture — the appropriate beginning, middle and end for our production. John Mazzocco listened carefully to our plan, made smart suggestions, and then put his production experience and professional network into action. The result was an unforgettable evening of perfectly timed dining, speeches, fundraising and entertainment that struck the right beats at the right moments.

Plan the work – work the plan, but also be clever and confidant enough to improvise and take chances when necessary. That’s John Mazzocco.

Keith Forman
Event Director
Brian Grant Foundation


John Mazzocco, Principal John has been training firms for the past 12 years. Bringing a passion that comes from the stage and the ability to apply those principals to business has allowed Bluedot to amass an astounding 85% win rate in helping firms in the design arena. That is not a typo, an 85% win rate.

In his presentation business, John brought in global clients such as Crate & Barrel, Preston Gates & Ellis LLP, Opus Northwest, Swinerton Builders and Xerox Corporation in addition to local clients like Ashforth Pacific and Community Warehouse.

Prior to working in communications, John concentrated on his first true love and talent—music.

His past lives includes stints as a professional bassist for the likes of John Lee Hooker, Curtis Salgado, and many others, performing with just about everyone under the sun. He has a great working knowledge of performance and how business gets done in those settings. He lives in Portland with three sons. His grandson Henry lives in Los Angeles. In his spare time he can be found on the golf course working on his handicap.